DCS™ Steel Structures

Pre-Engineered and Fabricated Structural Steel Solutions
Dynamic Connection System™ Steel Structures

The industry’s only solution to pre-engineered and fabricated steel structures. Leita Steel has developed a superior hassle free solution called Dynamic Connection Systems™ (DCS™). Receiving everything you require for your steel structure in a complete easy to use pre-packaged solution being able to customise it to suite your requirements.

What makes the DCS™ system unique is the ability to easily setup and assemble or disassemble for transport, storage or relocation if necessary. With a almost completely modular design being able to modify, upgrade or add-on portions of your structure as your needs evolve.

Our DCS™ Structures have been pre-engineered to support the latest Solar Power Systems being able to run on hybrid grid-tie or off-grid setups.

  • All components are supplied galvanised for superior corrosion protection.
  • Comes packaged with digital and hard copy drawings, detailed instructions and engineers certificate.
  • Designed to fit on a standard size truck trailer or shipping container for ease of transport.
  • Modular DCS™ system.
  • Delivered in a complete easy to use package with all required components.
  • Customisable Extras: Sheeting, Gutters, Doors, Colours, Insulation, Ventilation, Natural Lighting.
  • Eco friendly green structure designed for optional extras: Solar Power System (Hybrid, Offgrid)
  • The DCS™ system allows for faster and more efficient production rates reducing the overall cost and turnaround time.
Structure Options:

Make a selection from our structures below to begin customising now or give us a call for more info!

Our base options below are modular with a wide range of options to choose from. If you don’t find what you are looking for please let us know.

DCS 10
Free Span 10

Length: 20m – ∞

Width: 10m

Eaves Height: 6m

Sqm: 200m2

Solar Potential: 39kw

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DCS 15
Free Span 15

Length: 20m – ∞

Width: 15m

Eaves Height: 6m

Sqm: 300m2

Solar Potential: 58kw

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DCS 20
Free Span 20

Length: 20m – ∞

Width: 20m

Eaves Height: 6m

Sqm: 400m2

Solar Potential: 78kw

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Please note:

  • Each structure has a minimum length of 20m and can be increased to your desired length in increments of 5m according to bay length.
  • SQM and Solar Potential based on standard structure size and will need to be recalculated based on final length.
  • Solar Potential is dependent on hardware, geographic location, coverage, orientation and is only a indication.
CHROMADEK® – Standard Colour Range for Exterior use:
DCS™ Customisation Form:

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    Plain (Galvanised)Chromadek
    Roof onlyRoof and Sides
    Eave overhang with gutter
    BullnoseEave overhang

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