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800tons / Month


600tons / Month


320tons / Month

We are able to perform projects in excess of 20,000 tons. (Medupi Power Station).


The company operates from its 14600m² property. The workshop facility is capable of producing 8000 tons of quality controlled structural steelwork and plate work per annum.


The properties consist of:

  • 800 m² of air-conditioned offices.
  • 11000 m² of factory, under cover, serviced throughout by 14 overhead cranes, (8 x 5T, 2 x 10T, 2 x 15T and 2 x 16T).
  • 400 m² of stores, under cover.
  • 500 m² mezzanine, under cover, for storing material.
  • 2000 m² for corrosion protection, preparation and pre-assembly.


Our facilities plant and machinery include:

  • Tilgman wheelabrator capable of shot blasting 30 tons per day.
  • Self recovery shot blast booth capable of shot blasting 10 tons per day.
  • 130mm thick (8mx2m) FICEP CNC Plate processing line.
  • Ficep (1030mm) CNC beam drill/saw line.
  • Ficep (650mm) CNC beam drill/saw line (Automated in-feed and out-feed).
  • 150mm Peddimat CNC Angle master.
  • Ficep 1201 RC Robotic coping line for beams, channels, rolled sections and tubular sections.
  • Ficep Gemini HD32 Gantry automatic CNC drilling, milling and thermal cutting machine.
  • Ficep Gemini HD36 Gantry automatic CNC drilling, milling and thermal cutting machine.
  • Ficep TipoA31 Automatic CNC drilling, milling and thermal cutting machine.
  • Fanuc Welding Robot
  • 150t break press.
  • Faccin 3.2m x 25mm CNC Plate roll
  • Various blade saws, radial & pedestal drills, croppers etc.
  • Corimpex plate cleaning and beveling machine for the above, capable of cleaning and beveling all four edges of a plate simultaneously.
  • Corimpex Beam welding line. This machine is able to do automated welding of plate girders, box girders and cruciform girders (and various other section types) with the following characteristics:
    • A total height of 200mm to 2500mm
    • A total width of 200mm to 1000mm
    • Plate thicknesses of 4mm to 75mm

The inclusion of a state of the art tandem twin arc welding process allows for a both very high penetration and deposition rates resulting in less distortion of the overall assembly. This results in a much higher quality product being produced at far faster rates than conventionally possible.

Leita Steel: Plate Preparation Machine
Leita Steel: Robot
Leita Steel: Robot T-Splitting
Leita Steel: Welding Robot

Logistical fleet

Our logistics department is capable of delivering 800 tons of quality controlled steelwork per month. We are in the position to increase this if required.


  • Iveco ‘Tracker’ 440 Hp Truck tractor (Horse).
  • Iveco ‘Tracker’ 420 Hp Truck tractor (Horse).
  • 8t Iveco ‘Eurocargo’ Truck.
  • 4t Iveco ‘Daily’ horse and trailer.
  • Mercedes Benz 4t truck.


  • 2 x 3 axle trailers.
  • 2 x 2 axle trailers.
  • 1 x 40t Low bed trailer.
  • 1 x 2 axle extendable trailer.


  • 3 x 1t LDV’s.
  • 2 x ½ t LDV’s.

Cranage and erection

Our installation and erection teams are capable of installing and erecting 1000 tons of steel per month. We are in the position to increase this if required.

  • Terex 120 ton Crane All Terrain (Max Boom: 60m, Max Boom Length w/ Extension‎: 92m)
  • Locatelli 40 ton Crane Rough Terrain (Max Boom: 29.5m, Max Boom w/ Extension: 45.6m)
  • Link 8 ton Crane (Max Boom: 23.6m)
  • 2x Grove 6 ton (Max Boom: 6.1m w/ Extension: 8.9m)
  • Forklift 4 ton