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We have provided these products and steel services for more than 50 years
Personalised All-In-One Customer Service Offerings

From inception to design, detailing, fabrication, corrosion protection, supply and erection. We supply a full hassle free turn key solution that suit our clients requirements. Assisting our clients every step of the way.

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Structural Steel Fabrication

Unparalleled structural steel construction that adheres to the industries most stringent standards and certifications. Utilising the most advanced processes and equipment to deliver only the best structural steel products.

Aircraft Hangars
Conveyor Steelwork
Heavy Industrial Structures
Mine Structures
Offices and Buildings
Plate Girders
Plate work
Hard wearing liners
Plant Steelwork
Power Stations
Shopping Centers
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Corrosion Protection

Being one of the most important requirements for any steel structure. Barrier protection ensures the longevity of our products we manufacture. Being such a crucial element we have partnered with only the best corrosion protection specialists which utilise only the highest quality corrosion protection films and products. We have a onsite team which expedites this process from start to finish doing in process inspections to ensure quality and specifications are complied with. Making sure the right products are delivered to site on time.

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DCS™ Pre-engineered Structures

The industries only solution to pre-engineered and fabricated steel structures. Leita Steel has developed a superior hassle free solution called Dynamic Connection Systems™ (DCS™). Receiving everything you require for your steel structure in a complete easy to use pre-packaged modular solution being able to customise it to suite your requirements.

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Design, Detail Draughting

We only utilise the most advanced 3D detailing software packages which are fully integrated with our automated eco system. Allowing us complete control of our products from procurement and until we issue to our fully automatic robotic CNC equipment and delivering to site.

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Real Time Reporting

With our advanced automated data capture technology we are able to provide our clients with real time in process reporting of any item from start to finish. Providing greater insights for us and our clients. Always knowing the status of any item, every step of the way.

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Service Center

With our automated in-house state of the art service center we are able to process any kind of raw steel sections providing us with far greater production rates and versatility than our competitors. Ensuring our quality standards are always met.

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Plate Girders

Our fabricated beam and plate girder facility is equipped with only the best machinery. Utilising tandem arc SAW technology capable of producing 6mm CFW at 1100mm/min. A maximum single pass weld of 12mm CFW at 750mm/min. Automatic flange straightening and beam alignment allows us to produce plate girders to a very high quality at very high production rates.

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Transport and Erection

With our own logistics fleet, erection teams and equipment we ensure the right steel is delivered and installed on time.

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Quality Guarantee

All of our services are provided with our quality guarantee. Backed by our independently audited quality control management processes and certifications.

IIW cert part 2
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Devoted to Employee Perfection

With on-site training facilities and mentorship and training programmes we always ensure our employees have the utmost pride in their work. And the work is of the highest standards.

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Global Steel Exports

Growing into one of the largest steel fabricators in Africa. We have obtained a pedigree for large export projects. Capable of performing export projects in excess of 20,000 metrics tonnes of quality controlled structural steel. There is no project too big.

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Online Shop

Our online store has a variety of steel sections available at various lengths that we provide at unbeatable prices. Guaranteed to suit your application and budget with minimal waste.

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